Fearless Child. Dedicated to Iqbal

In this project I create 3d assets and secondary characters.

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Iqbal is a good, talented ten-year old boy who lives in Kardù, a small village somewhere in the world. The adventure of Iqbal starts the day when the doctor prescribes some expensive medicines for Aziz, who suffers from pneumonia. Because there is no money, Iqbal decides to go to the market in Mapur to sell some of his personal belongings, toys and precious stones. In Mapur he meets Hakeem, a treacherous but kind swindler, who offers to buy the medicines for Aziz: in return Iqbal will have to work in his friend Guzman’s rugs factory. How long will Iqbal have to work? We don’t know the answer. Guzman understands soon Iqbal’s skills and so the little child is forced to live in a dirty and cold warehouse and work hard to create a precious Blue Bangapur. Here Iqbal meets a group of young workers: Fatima, Emerson, Maria, Ben, Salman and Karim. All of them have similar stories caused by poverty. Iqbal has no choice but to start weaving his rug and think how to get out of this terrible situation. After a natural initial suspicion, Iqbal’s relationships with his companions become friendlier and the group of children becomes aware of their condition of “forever slaves”. When Iqbal comes to understand that his debt will never, ever be paid off, he starts planning a way to set himself and his friends free and go back home…

The film is made using both 2D Animation and the moderner 3D. The backgrounds and other little elements are in 2D, while the characters are first modeled using 3D and then rendered in 2D. This particular use of 3D has the aim of obtaining the same softer effect of traditional animation but taking all the advantages of new technologies.

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